When most people want to sell their property, they’ll start with things like:

  • Calling a
    real estate agent

  • Listing it on

  • Sending an email to some
    Buyers list

  • Listing it For
    Sale By Owner

  • Marketing it to their
    local REIA club

  • Standing there with no idea
    what’s the best thing to do

What is this one (not obvious) thing you need to do?

It’s sending a simple yet very effective letter to the neighbors of your property because they might be interested in buying your house or land more than you think they are. The neighbors may be your best prospects!

With us, it’s easy to tell your neighbors about your property. We find out who they all are, within your chosen area, and we prepare the within seconds.

You then simply choose your preferred or custom letter to make them an irresistible offer.

No lists. No Mailings. No effort. Its easier than you think!

With us, it’s the easiest thing to. Because we’ve prepared every little detail for you, you’ll just choose your preferred letter and flyer.

in your details, put the letter into an envelope and send it out.

You don’t have to spend a moment thinking and editing your letter, so it’s effective.

We have already done it for you. Easy. Prospects!

Find Neighbors And
Cash Buyers Now!

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Cash Buyers

A graphic depicting a homeowner selling their house using online technologies and neighbor letters

Top 5 reasons why using this will make your deals better!

Is it a good idea?

How can you make people aware that your property is for sale? Maybe you have a sign on your land, and you’re assuming all the neighbors surely see the sign.

Maybe it’s in the MLS and advertised all over the Internet. So why write letters to the neighbors too?

In a lot of cases, a property owner would absolutely LOVE to buy the land or house next-door to them if they were only given a chance.

Find Neighbors And
Cash Buyers Now!

Also Discover Local
Cash Buyers

  • 1

    People who already own real estate in the neighborhood don’t need as much convincing about the fabulousness of the area. After all, they already bought real estate in the same area, right? When selling land, the neighbors may be your best prospects!

  • 2

    Mailing a letter sends a message that you are serious about selling your land. Because not every seller does it, the neighbors will realize that you are sending letters to all the neighbors and it will start to dawn on them that if they don’t buy your land, someone else will and then they may have a McMansion blocking their view.

  • 3

    Even if the neighbor isn’t interested in purchasing your land, they may know someone who is. If they have a paper brochure, they can easily hand it to a friend or relative.

  • 4

    A letter gives the neighbors a kind of “heads up” that they should expect to see strangers out walking on your land. This way, they are less likely to fret about unusual people in the neighborhood. Letting the neighbors know reduces the chance that they will disturb buyers, causing buyers to feel unwelcome.

  • 5

    The neighbors who do live nearby may have glanced at your sign when it went up. But now your faded sign doesn’t even register with them anymore. To them, it’s become more debris stuck in the weeds as they rush off to take the kids to soccer practice. But if they receive personalized invitation to buy your land in the mail, they will take it much more seriously!

In a lot of cases, a property owner would absolutely LOVE to buy the land or house next-door to them if they were only given a chance.

Find Neighbors And Cash Buyers Now!

Also Discover Local Cash Buyers

What will you get by working with us?

You will get all these benefits:

  • No wasted time

    Stop wasting time searching the country records. We have done it for you, and we will give you all the information you need!

  • No data-formatting

    You don’t need to spend countless hours by formatting all the data. We have all the formats you need.

  • No messing around

    You don’t need to mess around with mail merge settings. We got you covered, and we’ll take care of it.

  • The best letters

    Stand out and utilize our best- performing letters. We will give you only what will work best.

  • No reliance on VA’s

    You don’t need to rely on any virtual assistants or outside resources. We will help you with everything.

  • Faster sale

    You will convert your land contract to sales much faster by working with us because we’ll show you what works.

  • Faster mailing

    You will get your mailings out much faster, and that means the neighbors will see it sooner.

  • Everything at in one place

    We’re giving you the ultimate tool that will give you everything you need to write the most-convincing letter to your the neighbors.

  • Done-for-you

    In a lot of cases, you don’t even have to think, because we have already prepared a lot of things for you. Just fill in your details, and you’re good to send. Easy.

How does it work?

How to use it:

  • Search Property

    Search the exact address of the property you have for sale.

  • Confirm Property

    Confirm it’s the correct property.

  • Choose the neighbor search radius:

    On the Boundary

    Within a block

    The entire subdivision

  • Data Mail Merge

    we download and merge your file to your letter of choice - all automatically

  • Print all letters

    Print all letters and send them.

  • Customize your details.

    Choose from our best-performing neighbor letter templates, and we will customize it with your details.

  • Printing and Posting

    We then get them professionally printed and mailed so you never touch a printer again!

  • This tool will give you everything your need to send the most-effective letters to you neighbors of your lot so that you can sell your house or land in a blink of an eye.
  • DO NOT forget that people who already own real estate in your neighborhood don’t need much convincing about the benefits of the area. And that the neighbors may be your best prospects!